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Our History

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American Portfolios was founded by a group of independent financial professionals in 2001. Since our beginning, American Portfolios has grown in excess of $26 billion in assets under management and now serves over 230,000 corporate and retail client accounts. Our company proudly supports more than 800 independent investment professionals in more than 375 branches across the United States.

Our business primarily focuses on retail sales and trading of listed and unlisted equities and fixed-income securities, government, municipal and corporate securities, options, mutual funds, variable annuities, and related insurance products and services. All general securities transactions are cleared through our clearing arrangements with Pershing Bank of New York Mellon and T.D. Ameritrade in keeping with our focus on industry-leading client service.

American Portfolios Denver is here to serve our Denver metro community with the same financial investment care you'd want for your mother. Our associates team is highly experienced and built to serve your financial needs. We invite you to ask questions, raise concerns, and get to know our team so we create a long-lasting relationship built on trust, our greatest investment together.